Welcome to the Tutorial Section of the PP4S Website!

This page has three lists of links to tutorials. In the lists in the left panel and at the bottom of the page, the first tutorials are arranged in the order that you should study them. If you are a beginner, we advise you to start with Constants and Variables and work your way through to Operators. Later tutorials such as Graphics and In-line Assembler depend on the more basic material but it should not be necessary to study them in order. In the table below, the tutorials are in alphabetical order.

Arrays Input and Output Selection Statements
Arrays for Enthusiasts Iteration Sets
C/C++ and C# after Pascal Language Development Smart Mobile Studio
Constants and Variables Lists, Stacks and Queues Sorting and Searching
Databases Object-Oriented Pascal String Manipulation
Debugging Operators Testing
Enumerated Types Oxygene for Java Translators
Form-based Applications Procedures and Functions Validation
Game Development Random Numbers VB to Pascal
Graphics Records  
In-line Assembler Recursion  

We will write further tutorials and extend some of the existing tutorials as time permits.

Tutorials in order of content:

Programming - a skill for life!

Pascal Programming Tutorials