Overview of Form-based Applications, Applets and Phone Apps

On this website we demonstrate the use of these forms:
  • Delphi/Lazarus;
  • Oxygene for Java and RemObjects C# for Java applications, applets and Android phone apps;
  • Oxygene for .Net applications and Windows Phone Apps;
  • Smart Pascal and JavaScript (including JQuery) web forms.
This page provides links so that you can make comparisons more easily and decide which material could be most useful to you when you use widgets such as buttons, memos, edit boxes and grids in your own projects.

Smart Pascal Web Forms

The introduction to form-based applications in Smart Pascal provides links to resources outside of the main tutorial section. Widgets covered in the tutorial and demonstrated online include: ListBox and RadioButtons, ComboBox, Memo, SpinEdit, Grid, Chart, Slider, ToggleSwitch and HeaderControl (for multiple forms).

JavaScript and JQuery Widgets

Using HTML5 Widgets has online demonstrations of widgets such as button, checkbox, combobox, listbox, panel (div), radiobuttons, slider and textarea.

Using jQuery Widgets demonstrates the use of a Datepicker and a Tab control.

Oxygene for Java and RemObjects C# Form-based Applications, Applets and Android Apps

The introduction Using Widgets in Applets gives an alphabetic list of links to widgets that we demonstrate in Oxygene for Java applets and another list for their use in applications.

RemObjects C# for Java equivalents of the Oxygene examples demonstrate JFrame, Label and Box, JButtons, JLabels and JTextFields and JScrollPane and JTable with JComboBox cell editors.

The introduction to Android apps describes the required files and introduces some Android terminology. The widgets demonstrated include Button, EditText and TextView, Toast, DatePicker, ImageView, ListView and RadioGroup, ScrollView and Spinner.

You can compare these C# for Java Android equivalents with the Oxygene examples above: Button, EditText and TextView, Toast and DatePicker.

Oxygene for .Net

These Oxygene examples use the widgets shown in parentheses: Using a form without a designer in Oxygene for .Net (Label, Button, TextBox, ComboBox, NumericUpDown and DataGridView), A Simple Oxygene WPF Application (TextBox, Button and Labels), A Simple Oxygene Windows Phone App (TextBox, Button and TextBlocks), PhoneAppSelection (RadioButtons and LongListSelector).

Some of these pages provide links to equivalent code in RemObjects C# for .Net.

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