James Hall's Programs

Seven programs including GameOfLife, PixelSort and SuperHappyFunLand by James Hall


James demonstrates his exceptional mathematical and problem-solving ability in this fine collection of programs. He handles confidently three-dimensional arrays, deep nesting of constructs, 3D transformations, sound, the full range of mouse inputs and networking and makes excellent use of WinGraph and SDL. James is not afraid to write his own code to achieve his objectives instead of using available resources and he gains a deep understanding of the technicalities as a result. He allows you to examine some of his experimental programs that are in various stages of completion. We hope that the comments that we have found it necessary to add to some of his code will help you to learn from it.

Follow the links below and prepare to be impressed!

James also contributes a program he wrote in response to a mini-challenge.

Please try our web versions of PixelSort and SuperHappyFunLand (which work in Chrome but not in some versions of Internet Explorer).

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