Christopher Winward's Programs

A-star, Calculator, MarbleRun and SpaceShooter by Christopher Winward


Christopher was one of the first to put this website to good use and he has learned at a great rate. He now programs fluently in Pascal and C++, and he took to object-oriented programming like a duck to water. He has started to study university material from Stanford, which prompted his third contribution.

Follow the numbered links below to see the range of his Pascal code.


Christopher logs his progress on his website.

At Sheffield University, his group project on cellular automata was this forest-fire simulator. Christopher's notes on the simulator follow.

You need to click on one of the Preset buttons, such as "Fast fires" before anything will become visible. From here you can modify settings on the fly, and randomise the terrain for new settings. It has some interesting features, such as a probabilistic model of fire spreading, which is determined by how much "fuel" a burning tree has left, or how "dry" it is (how far away from a river), which is modelled on a Perlin noise distribution.

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