The challenges vary in difficulty and in the time required to complete them so you should be able to find some to suit you. We welcome your suggestions for others to add to our collection. Our main categories of challenge are Ideas for Programs (with a growing section including links to challenging problems and solutions on the impressive DelphiForFun website), Mini-Challenges, Programs to Debug and Programs to Complete.

General Challenges

Bear in mind these long-term suggestions as your skills develop over the years.
  • Make improvements to student programs and tutorial demonstrations on this site. (Some student programs such as Max Foster's PascalPokemon provide suggestions for extensions).
  • Using helpful material for which you will find links in our Overview of Language Comparisons, try language conversions of:
    • Pascal programs to another dialect such as Smart Pascal or Oxygene for Java;
    • Pascal programs to another language such as C++, C# or Python;
    • programs in another language such as Python or VB to Pascal.
  • Try to develop programs that run well on both a PC and a Raspberry Pi.
  • Include in your portfolio of programs:
    • different categories such as game, instructional, informational, problem-solving and AI;
    • examples of string manipulation, arrays of records, file handling, use of a range of widgets such as combo boxes and string grids, networking, access to different types of database such as Firebird, MySQL and SQLite, rigorous validation, object-oriented code, 2D and 3D graphics, audio, automated testing;
    • code in different dialects such as Pascal, Smart Pascal and Oxygene for Java.


Programming - a skill for life!

Some great challenges for you to try!