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Welcome to the PP4S Website!

The aim of the website is to provide valuable, but free, resources to help promote Pascal programming in schools by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. We welcome contributions and feedback on the site. Please let us know what you think.

We advise most beginners to:
  1. follow the instructions on Getting Started with Lazarus or our section on Getting Started with Delphi;
  2. start to work through the first few tutorials in the order shown in the left panel of the tutorial contents page;
  3. look at the student programs, starting with the more straightforward ones at the beginning of the table and also the first few using the Crt unit.

We invite adventurous beginners to learn Smart Pascal.

Note: We encourage confident Pascal programmers to write applications, applets and Android apps in Oxygene for Java with the help of our tutorial and to use Smart Mobile Studio to develop applications for web pages.

Newest! We have started the Smart Pascal section Datasets and Databases, which features access by Node.js to Firebird and MySQL databases on a Raspberry Pi from web pages. It also covers SQLite databases, which are particularly easy to set up and use.

New! We have made two further adaptations of Adam Renak's Crossword. The Pascal version demonstrates a way of including the dictionary text file in the executable for convenience and you can try the Smart Pascal console application online with a PC, tablet or smart phone.

New! André Mussche, in his Smart Pascal tutorial Server-side Node.js, warns that using Node.js for real-time updating of clients is addictive. Testing client-servers on your local network, during which you can see monitors around a room respond immediately to events on any of the clients, is certainly rewarding. We provide new pages on networking and show how the output from Smart Mobile Studio running on a PC can be used for clients and servers running on Raspberry Pi computers. Hand-coded JavaScript versions of the servers are available for comparison.

New! Refreshingly, young Smart Pascal programmers are becoming ambitious in what they wish to achieve with the software. Demonstrations of the use of a form to supply game variables and the echo client-server should help them to progress.

The next two paragraphs describe preceding updates.

We add a section on the Castle Game Engine to encourage aspiring students to create impressive 3D games and to learn much about advanced graphics in the process.

We have added to the appendix an overview of language comparisons to enable you to make comparisons and conversions more easily between the languages and Pascal dialects that we cover.

Site Statistics February 2015

The site contains among its thousand pages:

  • 358 pages of tutorial material for Pascal, 89 for Oxygene for Java and 68 for Smart Pascal (using the Smart Mobile Studio IDE);
  • 91 student programs spread over 327 pages;
  • 80 on-line Smart Pascal programs;
  • 63 pages of resources such as the Getting Started series;
  • 30 pages of challenges such as suggestions for programs, programs to complete and programs to debug;
  • A Pascal general index with 340 terms linked to relevant pages
  • A Pascal index of routines with links to examples of the use of 311 procedures/functions;
  • An Oxygene for Java general index with 151 terms linked to relevant pages;
  • An Oxygene for Java routine index with links to examples of the use of 193 methods;
  • A Smart Pascal general index with 213 terms linked to relevant pages
  • A Smart Pascal routine index with links to examples of the use of 126 procedures/functions.
On February 11, the top ten user countries and their percentages of visits over the previous 31 days were reported by Google Analytics to be: United Kingdom (13.97%), United States (6.59%), Germany (6.27%), India (6.26%), Brazil (3.62%), Poland (3.09%), Indonesia (3.05%), Russia (3.00%), Netherlands (2.76%) and France (2.58%).

During the same period the ten most frequently visited tutorial/resource pages were reported to be:

  1. Using a String Grid
  2. Writing your First Pascal Program using Lazarus
  3. Sorting and Searching
  4. Getting Started with Pascal on the Pi
  5. Common Error Checklists
  6. Delphi Canvas Demonstration
  7. Using a DBGrid in Lazarus
  8. Using a DBGrid in Delphi
  9. Creating and Printing a Report
  10. Using ClientDataSets in Delphi

The top ten most viewed pages of student programs were reported to be:

  1. TowerOfArcher (Smart Pascal)
  2. Cool (Smart Pascal)
  3. Pascal Pokemon Code for Windows
  4. MaxCircles (Smart Pascal)
  5. RockPaperScissors
  6. RandomPlatformScroller (Smart Pascal)
  7. PascalPokemon
  8. Battleships
  9. ChristmasProg
  10. Cars
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